Search Talk - Video 2 Allocating Time for SEO

May 27, 2016


Michael Ramirez Answers the Real World SEO Questions You’re Asking @SearchRPM on Twitter.

How can I allocate time to work on my own SEO?

Shelly Fagin made an interesting comment that every professional SEO consultant has uttered at some point. Shelly commented on twitter, “I really need to allocate some time away from my client work to actually SEO my own stuff.”

A running joke (based on reality) in the SEO world is that you can’t judge an agency or consultant by their own search results. Many of the best SEO professionals are too busy helping other people rank to give their own sites the attention needed to get to the top of SERPs.

In an effort to help out our SEO comrades, Michael offers a few helpful tips for focusing on efforts that matter the most and make the best use of limited time.

  • Get your Google console set up – This can help make everything else easier and quicker.
  • Look for breaks in the system – Find broken pages, fix errors, etc.
  • Refresh your keywords – Keywords are impactful when they’re actually what’s being used to search for your goods and/or services. Don’t forget geo-targeted keywords if they apply to your business. 
  • Check out the on-page elements – Make sure appropriate keywords are applied directly to specific pages throughout the content.
  • Partner up with others in your industry – The more your site is connected (i.e. linked) within your industry the better. However, the benefits go well beyond SEO. 

These are the SEO essentials that have been important for years but still get overlooked more than you’d think.

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By Michael Ramirez
SearchRPM Founder

Michael Ramirez