The Creative Web Podcast: Interview with Sean Duffy of EDTech Austin

July 14, 2014

Recently on The Web Creative host Michael Ramirez spoke with Sean Duffy, one of the team members at EDTech Austin, a community organization that Sean founded in 2012. As an edtech entrepreneur, assessment specialist and educator, Sean is enthusiastic and passionate about sharing his knowledge. One of his key interests lies in utilizing edtech to prepare students for the future and help teachers overcome challenges in education.

The guys discussed firstly what edtech is, how the industry is evolving and how people learn through technology. Sean filled us in on amazing products like Edmodo that are being created to make classrooms smarter and learning easier all around. Ironically, a major concern is that the education sector is often slow to adopt new technology. 

Sean explained that edtech is becoming more agile in an effort to overcome these issues and help schools implement improved systems. There is also a human element in the thought sharing meetups that are hosted by organizations like Edtech Austin. “The process is listening to the needs of the schools,” said Sean. “We’re looking to get really great data testers from school districts. Teachers who are kind of those early adopters that want to try using a new tool in their classroom.”

Edtech pointers that Sean provided include:

  • Big focus is being put on how to help teachers manage bigger classrooms and increase productivity.
  • School district policies, procurement logistics and budget issues will need to be adjusted to take full advantage of edtech. 
  • Meetups can provide opportunities for interaction between tech innovators and teachers to develop tools that solve today’s problems.
  • The importance of bringing thought leaders together and providing forums for discussion and collaboration.
  • Marketing strategies for startups and how charter schools and private schools are playing a role.
  • What startups should be considering when they enter the education market.
  • His favorite tools that are currently being used in classrooms.
  • Hurdles of startups that provide education products. 
  • Resources for finding out what developments are in the works for edtech.

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